Resistor, Sense Resistor and Thermistor Trimming

Kokomo Thick Film Printing can do passive thick film resistor and thermistor trimming on standard ceramic substrate sizes of 6″ x 8″ and 3.25″ x 5.5″.  Our laser trimming can be performed on resistors printed on alumina ceramic and on resistors printed on dielectric.

Our typical resistor values are 5Ώ to 500KΏ with a minimum tolerance of +/-1%.  Our typical sense resistor values are 2.5mohm to 150mohm with a minimum tolerance of  +/-2%. We use Nd:Yag rod lasers with a spot size of 35-40 microns. Our systems have automated handling for high volume applications. We can optimize up to 92 probe points per probe card depending on circuit geometries for high volume applications.  Our flying probe laser system can also be used for prototyping, low-volume projects and/or fast turnaround scenarios.

Contact us to learn more about our laser trimming capabilities.

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