What is it that makes Kokomo Thick Film Printing stand out?  The ability to print 3 mil lines with 5 mil spaces is by itself a level of processing that few in the thick film industry possess.  Not only are we able to do this, we do this in high-volume with internal process yields over 99%.

Kokomo Thick Film Printing has a long and rich history of providing quality thick film printed circuits suited for the rigors of the automotive industry but applicable to many industries requiring high power, reliability and heat dissipation, in a small package.  Our view is that quality superiority is a strategic deliverable with every product that is produced for our customers.  This is evident in quality yields surpassing those of our nearest competitors.

Our entire workforce is actively engaged in quality activities such as: goal setting, training, championing projects and continuous improvement methodology.  As part of that our Six Sigma and Shainin professionals are actively engaged in evaluating and improving our manufacturing processes and value streams.  Quality is embedded in our culture, and our organization understands that the quality journey is one that is never over.

Our Quality Management System has been refined for over forty years to provide the superiority that sets us apart in support of your new or existing program.  We believe that there should not be a tradeoff between leading edge technology and quality.  When it comes to selecting a thick film printing partner for your next program, why settle for less?

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