Profile and Facility

Kokomo Thick Film Printing is the highest volume capable thick film printing facility in the world.  We can print geometries with quality yields that our closest competitors can not come close to.  While our manufacturing processes have been developed internally since 1964 primarily for the automotive industry, our expertise in thick film printing has not been marketed to new customers (both automotive and non-automotive) until just recently.  Our thick film printing facility is a low to high volume, full service source for hybrid microelectronic manufacturing services.

  • Our thick film printing operation occupies 42,000 square feet of class 10K cleanroom space within our Kokomo, Indiana manufacturing facility.
  • Our 15 automatic printers average cycle times of four seconds/print. (Currently the industry average is twelve to fifteen seconds/print.)

Our on-site production capabilities include:

  • Multilayer technology printing with multiple metal layers.
  • Through hole printing.
  • Double sided printing.
  • Ultra Thick Thick Film (UTTF) conductor printing.
  • Resistor printing (including sense resistor technology down to 1 milliohm).
  • Thermistor printing.
  • Laser trimming to less than +/-1%.
  • Fixed probe and flying probe testing capability.

Our strengths can be summed up in the stability and robustness of our process portfolio — with an emphasis on reliability, quality and high-performance. This has been demonstrated in the rugged automotive environment for which our thick film processes have been focused for nearly five decades. See Our History page for an outline of our evolution.

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