Processing Services

In addition to turnkey production, Kokomo Thick Film Printing can provide your team access to specific processing services on a project by project basis.  Whether you are being constrained by your own installed capacity, would like to systematically manage your company’s growth, or need assistance from a third party for any reason we are here to help.

We are here to support your processing needs.  From direct screen imaging, printing simple and multilayer ceramic hybrid circuits, through hole printing, firing in one of our high volume furnaces, laser trimming printed resistors/thermistors to trace testing the final product you can turn to us.  Other in-house services such as failure analysis testing using our SEM, cross sectioning, thermal testing and surface analysis and our Thick Film Materials Lab which can design and formulate thick film inks and organic mediums to suit your needs can save your company time and money.

Before spending thousands of dollars installing additional capacity at your site, let us prepare you a quote so that you can put pencil to paper and determine whether investing internally versus outsourcing is in your strategic plan.

Please contact us to request additional information or to request a quote.  As a full-service thick film printing partner, we look forward to helping you achieve your objectives in numerous ways!

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