Our History

Kokomo Thick Film Printing has been manufacturing quality, reliable, automotive-grade thick film printed circuits in Kokomo, Indiana, since 1967. For over 40 years, Kokomo Thick Film Printing has functioned as the thick film ceramic circuit manufacturing arm of General Motors and Delphi Automotive Systems.  In that time, we have produced in excess of 1.5 billion prints for electronics applications requiring a high amount of power, reliability, and heat dissipation in demanding environmental conditions.  While our Kokomo manufacturing facilities have been changed, upgraded, and expanded several times over the years and the sign over the door has changed as our parent organization has shifted, the quality and performance of our products has remained constant.

Several key milestones and programs that have been implemented along the way include:

1964:  Development of Microelectronics Technologies initiated

1967:  First passenger car Voltage Regulator (Pontiac Grand Prix)

1971:  Sense Resistor technology developed for voltage regulator

1971:  Ignition Module

1975:  High Energy Ignition

1979:  Thermistor technology developed and implemented

1979:  Pressure Sensor – Differential, MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) & ‘Turbo’

1982:  Half Function Electronic Spark Control

1984:  Mass Air Flow Sensor

1986:  Up-Integrated Electronic Spark Control

1986:  Passenger Car Voltage Regulator – 5SI & 9SI

1986:  Direct Ignition System

1987:  Output Switch Module

1992:  Engine Control Module for marine applications

1993:  Developed ultra low Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) resistor less than +/-25 ppm /°C for Airmeter application

1994:  Developed through hole print capability for pressure sensor and engine control applications

1996:  ABS Brake Controller (2 metal multilayer)

1998:  Engine Control Module for fuel injected recreational engines

1998:  High-volume print capability improved down to 3 mil lines and 5 mil spaces

1999:  ABS Brake Controller (3 metal multilayer)

2000:  Automotive Engine Control Module (mounted on-engine; 4 metal multilayer)

2000:  Electronic Crash Sensor (high volume chip and wire)

2002:  Ultra-Thick Thick Film (UTTF) conductor ink developed for high current electronic power steering

2002:  Electronic Power Steering (100 Amp circuit)

2003:  In-house Direct Imaging of Screens from CAD data

2004:  Transmission Controller (4 metal multilayer)

2004:  Began printing “Large Area Substrates” on a 6 inch by 8 inch ceramic substrate

2004:  Implemented 2D Data Matrix serialization of individual ceramic hybrid circuits

2004:  Implemented Continuity and Isolation testing (fixed and flying probe)

2005:  Implemented Machine Vision Inspection of in-process material

2009:  Thermal Power Dissipation applications for Hybrid Vehicles

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