Our Advantages

Kokomo Thick Film Printing offers many distinctive advantages:

Leading Edge

  • High-volume capability of 3 mil lines, 5 mil spaces and small via openings (6 mil).
  • True multi-level metal capability.
  • Internally developed Sense resistor technology.
  • Internally developed Ultra Thick Thick Film (UTTF) conductor technology.

Cost Effectiveness

  • Our GM supply chain network combined with being the highest volume capable facility in North America for thick film printed circuit boards provides us very competitive volume discounts with suppliers.
  • We utilize some of the largest thick film substrates in the industry (6”x 8”) further reducing labor cost per circuit.

Quality and Reliability

  • Robust processes developed specifically for long product life in demanding operating environments.
  • Well-defined quality systems and standards.
  • Process yields unparalleled per industry studies.

Responsiveness and Quick Turnarounds

  • In-house direct screen imaging capability gives us the ability to turn CAD data into a production-ready screen in less than two hours.
  • Internal ink lab allows for formulation of inks and pastes further reducing project lead time.

Vertical Integration

  • Situated on-site with a semiconductor fabrication and test facility with a wide variety of process technologies including IGBT’s and power discretes, an electronic assembly operation with surface mount equipment designed specifically for ceramic thick film hybrid circuit boards gives us the unique opportunity to build your complete assembly in one location.
  • By controlling the entire supply chain and value streams of our integrated business units we can provide very cost effective turnkey business solutions unlike anywhere else in the world.


  • Continually improving and developing new thick film printing processes since 1964.
  • We have the experience and technical expertise necessary to ensure the success of your next program.


  • From new product introduction to full high-volume production.
  • Can provide many single processing services such as Failure Analysis testing in addition to providing turnkey business solutions.


  • We are located in the U.S. heartland — Kokomo, Indiana. This makes us easy to interface with, and to ship to and from for most US based customers.


  • Exceeding your expectations is our #1 priority.
  • Rest easy knowing that your IP is safe and secure.

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