Failure Analysis Testing

Kokomo Thick Film Printing’s failure analysis testing capabilities include:

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)—This is used to give an extreme close-up of the surface to look for anomalies, as well as elemental mapping of the surface to find out what might be present in the way of contaminants.
  • Cross-sectioning—This is done to analyze reliability failures to find out about grain structure of materials, origin of shorts and opens, fatigue failure mechanisms, etc.
  • Thermal cycling—Chambers are available to test the reliability effects of the temperature swings inherent in some products. Since we are accustomed to automotive production products, extreme temperature swings are not unusual for us to handle.
  • Auger, ESCA, EDX, and FTIR are all available to us to perform extreme surface analysis to determine the root cause of failures or persistent process issues.

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