Direct Screen Imaging

Kokomo Thick Film Printing’s direct screen imaging operation takes Gerber data on the desired design and converts it into data used by our screen imaging system. The direct screen imager exposes a screen directly from CAD data (gbr or tif). The imager uses an optics system with 800,000+ mirrors to expose the individual pixels (0.4 mil/pixel) of the CAD data. Once the unexposed areas are washed out, dried, and inspected, the resulting screen has the desired image in a screen of desired mesh size and emulsion thickness and is ready for use.

We run screen sizes of 15×15 in. and 12×12 in. with mesh counts from 80 to 360 and emulsion thicknesses from 0.2 mil to 1.2 mil. We have both film and liquid emulsion capability. For non-standard applications, additional lead time is required to procure the proper screen/emulsion combination, but we maintain about sixty different combinations in stock at all times. All of our screens are based on stainless steel screen mesh.

Use of the automated exposure system maximizes control of the process yielding a precision screen with low cost and quick turnaround time.  The ability to produce a production screen in-house from Cad data in less than two hours provides a distinct advantage over other thick film vendors and gives us more control over our supply chain.

If you would like to inquire about utilizing our screen imaging technology and expertise for your needs please contact us.

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