Conductive Trace Testing

Kokomo Thick Film Printing can perform circuit trace testing on single sided circuits of any multiple on ceramic substrate sizes of 6”x 8” and 3.25”x 5.5” and thicknesses up to 40 mils. We use ATG A6/8S testers for flying probe testing for low volume testing and Nidec-Read fix probe testers for high volume testing. We can test down to a pitch of 4 mils.

The ATG testers are capable of also testing unpopulated green boards. The ranges of the tests include:

  • Continuity Test: 1Ω-10kΩ
  • Isolation Test: up to 20MΩ
  • 2 and 4 wire measurements
  • Resistive Network testing, up to 100kΩ

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