Metallization and Special Metals Application

Metallization for 125 mm wafers utilizes Varian 3190 PVD sputtering systems. The 3190 has RF etch capabilities and three deposition stations. Conmag targets are used as sources in the 3190 for aluminum/copper/silicon, titanium and tungsten. A Varian 3290 PVD sputtering system with a Quantum source is configured for chrome silicon deposition.

A Novellus C2 Inova PVD sputtering system is used for the 200 mm metal deposition. The Inova is a multi-chamber system with degas, RF etch and 4 PVD modules. The PVD modules allow processing to include multi-layer depositions including aluminum/copper/silicon, titanium and titanium/nitride.

Post wafer fabrication facilities provide additional metallization capability. Tegal (SFI) Endeavor AT PVD Cluster tools can process 125 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm wafers. Multiple modules are used to RF etch and then deposit various metal thin films in one processing cycle. Films of Aluminum, Nickel/Vanadium, Copper, Chromium and Gold are available with Titanium and Silver as non-standard options.

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