Ion Implantation

Our Ion Implantation processes utilize five Axcelis Implanters—two 200E² high current machines designated for our 200mm customers, one 200E² for our 125mm customers, one GSD Classic machine for our 125 mm customers, and a 6200AV Medium Current machine also devoted to our 125mm customers. All of our machines can implant boron, phosphorus, or arsenic.

The ion implantation ranges allow the 200E² machines to implant doses in the range of 5E11 to 5E16 ions/cm², the GSD Classic 1E13 to 5E15 ions/cm², and the Medium Current machine 1E11 to 1E14 ions/cm².

The Energy ranges of the machines are 5 KeV to 180KeV for the 200E², 20KeV to 160KeV for the GSD Classic, and 20KeV to 180KeV for the medium current implanter.

The 200E² machines have the ion implantation capability for angles up to 11°.  The 6200AV machine is a single wafer machine that rotates during implant and can implant at angles up to 10°.

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