IC Testing and Sorting Services

We have performed die-level services for many industry customers and would like to help your team meet your back-end service needs today. We have a broad spectrum of testing technologies available, including multiple digital and analog platforms, and have available capacity to help you meet your IC Testing and Sorting requirements.  Don’t let your lack of capacity in this area affect your company’s throughput or spend money on additional capital equipment that will sit underutilized the majority of the time. We accept both small-volume and high-volume arrangements for our IC Testing and Sorting Services and provide quick turnaround times.

Manufacturing Services

  • Experienced engineering and manufacturing staff coupled with the installed base of test platforms are capable of handling key device technologies including: Digital, Analog, Linear, Power, and Mixed Signal
  • Post wafer fabrication solutions in optical wafer inspection, wafer mount, dicing, die sort, lead scan, tape & reel
  • Wafer bumping process for flip chip technology
  • Continuous turnkey operations in a controlled raised floor facility

Equipment Platforms

  • Teradyne, LTX, SZ, Eagle, Fairchild
  • TEL, EG4090, EG2001
  • Multitest, DeltaFlex, MCT, Daymarc, Aseco
  • Camtek, August, Disco, K&S
  • Dymatix, Muhlbauer, Alphasem, ASTI

Package Test

  • Automated handlers to support various package configurations coupled with multisite capability
  • Hot and cold automated testing (-55°C to 150°C)

Custom Test Processing & Flows

  • Characterization data collection
  • Endurance and data retention testing

Wafer Probe

  • 125mm, 150mm, and 200mm wafers with multisite capability
  • Wafer mapping for offline ink and inkless probe
  • Hot probe capabilities to 240°C
  • Bumped Wafers, Silicon on Glass, Double Stack, Dicing Frame

Engineering Services

  • Kokomo Semiconductors’ test engineering staff has over 300+ years of combined experience in providing engineering services for all phases of your device test and manufacturing process
  • We support all device technologies in test program development, characterization, qualification, initial production, and volume production

Software Development

  • Test program development with ASIC, IGBT, Logic, Mixed Signal, MEMS, BCDMOS (SmartPower)
  • Tester platform and multi-site conversions
  • Hardware design, development and equipment selection
  • Assist with developing a qualification plan
  • Design and implement test for quality and reliability

Product Engineering Support

  • Electrical test characterization (hot and cold temps)
  • Electrical test data analysis tools and support
  • Failure Analysis
  • Yield Analysis
  • Black Belt and Shainin engineering resources

Test System Development

  • Prober / Handler interface to tester
  • Operator Interface

For additional information about our testing and sorting capabilities or to inquire and explore how Kokomo Semiconductors IC Testing and Sorting Services can give your electronics business the competitive advantage you are seeking please contact Michael Padgett, our IC Test Manager.  Let us explore the opportunity of providing you a flexible, cost-effective solution today!

Alan Harvath
Engineering Group Manager, Device Engineering Group
Kokomo Semiconductors
Phone: (765) 451-9657
Email: alan.harvath@gm.com

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