Kokomo Semiconductors Profile

Semiconductor Manufacturing Services

Kokomo Semiconductors is a high volume, full service source for semiconductor manufacturing services.  Our on-site production capabilities include wafer fabrication, wafer thinning, backside metallization, wafer solder bumping, die sort testing, wafer dicing, die tape and reel loading, and IC package testing. When combined with our network of off-shore IC packaging subcontractors, we offer a full service IC manufacturing footprint to all of our new and existing customers. One of our strengths lies in the stability and robustness of our process portfolio, with an emphasis on quality and performance that has been demonstrated in the rugged automotive environment in which we have operated for over five decades.

Located in the United States in Kokomo, Indiana, Kokomo Semiconductors has been in the semiconductor manufacturing business for over 55 years. For most of that time, we have served as the largely captive supplier of automotive grade custom ICs for Delco Electronics Division of General Motors, Delphi Corporation, and now General Motors Components Holdings.  Through the years our customer base has broadened to include outside automotive components suppliers, fabless design houses, fellow semiconductor manufacturers, personal computer manufacturers, avionics electronics suppliers, and other commercial and consumer electronics customers.  Although we have slowly been diversifying our customer base over time, we are now taking a more aggressive transitional strategy and our team is excited to market our business as a wafer foundry for high-reliability applications. Recently, we have begun the process of transforming our business model from that of a captive supplier and actively opening our doors to reach new markets, build new industry relationships and expand our customer base as a wafer foundry for high-reliability applications.

Our Kokomo footprint includes Fab III, our 60,000 square foot class 1 wafer fab that supports toolsets for both 125 mm (5-inch) and 200 mm (8-inch) wafer manufacturing. Fab III currently produces CMOS, BiCMOS / BCDMOS, bipolar, IGBT, and MEMS wafers in high volume production. Also on-site is our 20,000 square foot special metals and bump facility, which handles wafer thinning, backside metal and wafer solder bump processing for 5, 6 and 8 inch wafers. Adjacent to that facility is our 30,000 square foot wafer test and sort facility that tests, saws and loads all of our analog, mixed signal, digital, power discrete and sensor products.

All manufacturing is supported by our on-site staff of wafer process engineers, quality engineers, process integration engineers, wafer test support and development engineers, product support engineers, and device engineers. Our capabilities also include mask design and chip layout, with co-located failure analysis services available. Finally, we are also co-located with the General Motors Components Holdings Electronic Assembly and Thick Film Printing organizations that can combine their synergies to provide a very synergistic and cost-effective model for Electronics Manufacturing Services.

We offer layout and design kits for our current suite of production wafer processes. All of the IP within the products we build remains the property of our customers, and is treated with the highest degree of confidentiality and security. We also offer a suite of thermal and bump test chips available for purchase that were developed for package and assembly development and characterization.

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