Our History

Kokomo Semiconductors has been manufacturing quality, reliable, automotive-grade semiconductor components in Kokomo, Indiana, since 1954. For over 55 years, Kokomo Semiconductors has functioned as the semiconductor manufacturing arm of General Motors and Delphi Automotive Systems. In that time, we have produced in excess of 5 billion integrated circuit and MEMS sensor chips for automotive, commercial, consumer and foundry electronics customers. While our Kokomo manufacturing facilities have been changed, upgraded, and expanded several times over the years and the sign over the door has changed as our parent organization has shifted, the quality and performance of our products has remained constant.

Several marquee dates and key milestones that have occurred along the way include:


1954 – 1969 – Delco Radio semiconductor manufacturing

1970 – 1985 – Delco Electronics Division of GM semiconductor manufacturing

1986 – 1997 – Delco Electronics/GM Hughes Electronics semiconductor manufacturing

1998 – 1999 – Delphi Delco Electronics Division of GM

1999 – 2009 – Delphi Automotive Systems semiconductor manufacturing

2009 – Present – General Motors Components Holdings semiconductor manufacturing


1954 – Began manufacturing germanium power transistors for automotive radios

1962 – Completed construction of Fab I, began integrated circuit manufacturing

1969 – Began production of bipolar integrated circuits

1971 – Began production of integrated circuit electronic ignitions

1974 – Completed construction of Fab II for 5-inch CMOS wafer manufacturing

1981 – Began manufacturing MEMS technology with 4-inch wafer bulk micromachined pressure sensors

1982 – Announced construction of Fab III, 60,000 square foot clean room for 5-inch wafer manufacturing

1985 – Fab III begins production

1990 – Converted MEMS manufacturing to 125 mm (5-inch) wafer technology

1996 – Formed Flip Chip Technologies LLC (later Flip Chip International LLC) wafer bump joint venture with Kulicke and Soffa

1999 – Announced $63 million upgrade to Fab III facility to convert 30,000 square feet to class 1 200 mm (8-inch) wafer manufacturing

1999 – Became part of Delphi Automotive Systems

2004 – Launched submicron BiCMOS power processes

2009 – Became part of General Motors Components Holdings LLC subsidiary of GM

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