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Semiconductor Manufacturing Services

Kokomo Semiconductors is a high volume, full service source for semiconductor manufacturing services. Our Kokomo footprint includes a wafer fabrication facility, wafer backside / bumping facility, wafer and IC package test facility, and a pack and ship facility.

Kokomo Semiconductors’ wafer fabrication Fab III facility is a 60,000 square foot class 1 clean room that supports equipment sets for both 125 mm and 200 mm wafer manufacturing. First opened for production in 1985, the facility has been renovated in 2000 and 2006 to accommodate additional technologies. Kokomo Semiconductors is capable of producing over 40,000 8” wafers and over 240,000 5” wafers annually in a combination of CMOS, BiCMOS / BCDMOS, bipolar, IGBT, and MEMS technologies.

Kokomo Semiconductors’ wafer backside and bumping facility is a 15,000 square foot class 100 clean room that supports toolsets for 125 mm, 150 mm, and 200 mm wafer manufacturing. It was first opened for production in 1962, but has undergone several extensive renovations to the facility, with the most recent occurring in 1996. This facility has the equipment to perform wafer thinning, backside and front side metallization, wafer solder bumping, thermal processing, wet etching, plasma etching, wafer bonding, various photolithography technologies, and polyimide overcoat processing.

Kokomo Semiconductors’ test and sort facility is a 30,000 square foot facility that supports 125 mm and 200 mm wafers. First opened for production in 1974, there have been several renovations to the test facility, with the most recent occurring in 2008. This facility has equipment to perform linear, digital, mixed signal and power testing at both wafer probe and IC package test. In addition to the test equipment, mount, saw and tape and reel equipment is available.

There’s more to semiconductor manufacturing than just having the capability to produce a particular type of device.  Strong tracking and scheduling assure customers that they’re not getting “lost in the mix.” All facilities share a common MES (Manufacturing Execution System) application for tracking and scheduling WIP. Tied into the MES system is a common factory information system that provides recipe downloads and prior step verification, schedules equipment qualifications, schedules equipment preventative maintenance and is the backbone for closed loop process control. These common systems allow easy tracking of customer orders, anywhere in the flow.

Employee safety is the overriding priority of this facility. Industry benchmark data continues to show that this is one of the semiconductor manufacturing industry’s safest workplaces. Also, employees are all trained in structured problem solving, lean manufacturing and workplace organization. More than programs, these are a way of life, practiced in every facet of the business. Finally, this is an environmentally friendly facility, becoming certified as a zero landfill site in 2010.

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