IP Security

Keeping your design secure and safe and giving you peace of mind, knowing that your years of hard work and effort will provide you strong returns now and into the future, is perhaps the most valuable factor of all when selecting a foundry.

When making your sourcing decision, realize that many foundries today cannot offer you an apples to apples comparison. Although there are others around the globe that may look more cost-effective on paper, please take the time to calculate how many dollars you could save over the life of the product and how much that product would be worth if your design ends up in the hands of your competitors.

  1. We will not use your confidential information to benefit a third party.
  2. We will restrict dissemination of confidential information to only those employees who must be directly involved with confidential information.
  3. We will use the same degree of care with your design as used by Kokomo Semiconductors for our own information of like importance in safeguarding against disclosure of confidential information.

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