Supply Chain Management

Turnkey Business Solutions

When it comes to the sourcing of your bill of materials we have qualified over many years a select group of suppliers that we only purchase the highest automotive-grade components from for the products that we produce.  There are many contract manufacturers in the electronics industry today that tout the quality of their services. We stand not only the quality of our workmanship but also the quality of every component that we place whether it is from our own Kokomo Semiconductors business, Kokomo Thick Film Printing business, or procured through one of our qualified suppliers.  Within the highly competitive electronics manufacturing industry, component-grade, reliability and life expectancy can vary by a large scale, as can the cost of each contract manufacturer’s bill of materials.  Although our customers frequently prefer to utilize our automotive-grade components direct from our proven suppliers, we will also procure non automotive-grade components based upon your product budget and necessary requirements.

Backed by a global General Motors Purchasing network, Kokomo Electronic Assembly provides your team an experienced staff of supply chain management professionals that excel in a global environment to exceed your expectations.  Our experts have extensive experience in synchronizing supply and demand by balancing man, machine and material for a more flexible and leaner supply chain and to get the materials we need, when we need them, at a competitive cost.

In addition, our supply chain management team will analyze customer orders and shipment history to develop a build plan that is electronically communicated through SAP to our supplier base, synchronizing supplier delivery to the execution of that plan. This technology assists us in quickly responding to schedule fluctuations for a leaner, more flexible supply chain. This is especially important in today’s world where demand is harder than ever to predict.

Kokomo Operations’ shipping and receiving personnel are qualified to ship in any manner to meet our customers’ needs including the expertise associated with shipment of hazardous materials.

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