Request a Quote

We can produce single-piece pallets, nozzles, fixtures or baskets to fully-functional custom machines.  To obtain a free quote from the GMCH Kokomo Tooling Center, please send us a request including the following information:

1. Description and dimensions of the part you would like fabricated.
We accept many formats: Tooling drawings, PDF files, or CAD data, etc…
Note: Our experts will even create a custom design for you if you are unable to provide one.

2. The material you would like for us to use.
We can procure and utilize almost any type of material your project would require.

3. Specific coating requirements.
We can provide paint, hard coating, anodized, chrome, and many more.

4. Required volumes and time horizon.
Quantity needed over specific period of time.

5. Date and destination where you would like the finished product delivered.
We can ship directly to you, or drop-ship per your request.

You will receive a detailed quote within three to five business days.

During the quoting process we will discuss the details of the project with you to ensure your exact requirements and any project concerns that you may have are fully understood. Upon delivery, we will review the details of the project quote with you. Rush orders or budgetary estimates may be developed sooner per your request.

Please submit the above information via email to and  Please call Tim Fennell, GMCH Kokomo Tooling Center manager, at 765-431-1501 to learn more.

To download this information click here. (Downloadable link to .pdf file)

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