Quality Engineering

Our heritage of providing highly-reliable products to meet the rigors of the automotive industry has prepared Kokomo Electronic Assembly well in promoting and maintaining a rigorous and intensive atmosphere for quality in its electronic manufacturing services.  Although our quality procedures and processes have been developed over the years for the rigors of the automotive industry, our quality systems are applicable to a wide range of non-automotive industries.

Our quality engineers design and maintain a proactive quality system that ensures 100% Key Product Characteristic compliance. By conducting rigorous audits, reviewing real-time quality metrics, and maintaining an automotive-grade customer-approved quality system (“Quality Plan”), our quality engineering professionals focus on “Exceeding Customer Expectations”.

  • Our quality plan is a customer-approved contract that identifies the quality control system used during manufacture of a product. Specifically, the quality plan details process flow, control, control frequency, specifications and reaction plan.
  • With both internal and external oversight, we rigorously perform internal auditing to ensure compliance with the Quality Plan. External auditors monitor and assess compliance against the TS16949 standard.
  • Our personnel collect and track real-time quality metrics and First Time Quality (FTQ) data. When an FTQ alarm trigger occurs, a reaction plan is immediately set into action.

Due to an intense and vigilant quality focus, many partners and organizations have recognized Kokomo Electronic Assembly for our quality performance and achievements in electronic manufacturing services.  In fact, Kokomo Electronic Assembly is rated the highest in quality among General Motors current listing of electronics suppliers based on total customer returns per parts shipped.

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