Processing Services

Kokomo Electronic Assembly’s trained experts are ready to help with your processing needs. Some of the common services we provide include flux and solder paste development and production as well as extensive Failure Analysis services.

The experience and knowledge gained from developing our own custom materials for use in our own internal processes and products sets us apart from other vendors within the industry.  Our deep knowledge base developed throughout our history gives us the ability to offer expert assistance for the direct benefit of our customers and their processing needs.

Our collection of Failure Analysis tools are more extensive than those of many technology companies and comparable to those of several universities.  Before investing heavily in this capability, allow us to assist your engineering team by allowing us to perform analysis directly for you.

We maintain the flexibility and capacity necessary to provide quick turnaround times to our customers.

Please contact us to request additional information or to request a quote. As a resource for specialty products and Failure Analysis services, we look forward to serving you.

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