GMCH Kokomo Tooling Center

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When you need critical and custom parts built you want to work with a partner who will build to your exact specifications, understands your deadlines and urgency, communicates effectively with you from start to finish, and will provide you with the exact parts in the exact quantity at the exact time that you need them. At the GMCH Kokomo Tooling Center this is what we do and our level of advanced fabrication technology and expertise is second to none. We specialize in turnkey business solutions.

The GMCH Kokomo Tooling Center consists of a state-of-the-art collection of advanced modeling and fabrication equipment combined with experts in the field who will efficiently deliver your project from concept to finished product. Our trained experts within the GMCH Kokomo Tooling Center can fabricate almost any part out of any industrial material, ranging from product replicas and text fixtures to fully custom-built machines. Backed by our GM Supply Chain Network, we procure raw material quickly and cost-effectively.

Our advantage of being able to provide quick turnaround times, due in part to our supply chain management focus, has become an integral part of our success as well as the success of Kokomo Operations throughout our history. We greatly value each of our customers in the same manner that we value the work we do internally for Kokomo Operations. This approach to doing business is one of the many reasons why our growth is fueled rapidly through customer referrals.

Give us a call and tell us about your requirements. You will find that our project turnaround times and prices are some of the shortest and most competitive within the custom fabrication industry.

Here is what a few of our customers had to say about their experience with the GMCH Kokomo Tooling Center:

“GMCH Tooling produces a quality product at a competitive price.” -Greg Bozarth, Assembly Manager at Rexnord

“I deal with many businesses day in and day out, none of them stand out as much as GMCH Tool Room. Your team of professionals has created the perfect specialty shop for CSI. We have quotes done quicker, parts made faster and the quality is extraordinary.” -Kaye Becker, Purchasing at CSI Electronics

“GM Component Holdings has provided outstanding metal fabrication services to Ball Systems over the past several years.  GMCH is nimble and responsive, and adapts well to our quickly changing requirements.  Ball Systems has achieved year-over-year growth of 45-90% annually over the past few years, and GMCH has been critical to our growth and to our success.  We look forward to GMCH’s continued high level of service, quality, and responsiveness as we continue our own growth trajectory.  Please thank your entire team for your great support.  We couldn’t have done it without your partnership.”  -Patrick J. Turley, President at Ball Systems, Inc.

“Our Business Development Team routinely utilizes our internal tooling capability to provide fast turn prototype fixturing and tools to meet customer requirements.  Their short lead time, quality, and flexibility enable us to meet our customer’s expectations and give us a competitive edge in the market.”  -Tim Guse, New Business Development Manager at GMCH Kokomo

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