Flux and Solder Production

On-site at Kokomo Operations is our Flux and Solder lab that is used extensively for both internal use as well as external usage and shipments.  We would like to help your business and offer you our expertise in the following:

Flux Production

Several standard fluxes are used extensively for external usage. The existing fluxes are primarily used for tin/lead applications but lead-free and no-clean fluxes are also in production. Packaging is most commonly done in the form of syringes, tubes, or jars, in sizes from 30 cc to 16 oz with custom packaging performed per your requirements.

Our experts excel at the development of new fluxes for customer-specific uses. All of our existing fluxes have been developed internally and customized for customer-specific applications using a variety of solvents, activators, rosins, and emulsifiers dependent on the requirements of the process in which they are being used.  Our engineering professionals have years of expertise in wave and selective soldering, SMT processing, PCB materials, and strong chemical backgrounds for understanding your application requirements and how to achieve them via a specialized blend.

Solder Production

In addition to producing customer-specific fluxes, we offer numerous standard solders of various alloys including high-temperature and low-temperature alloy tin-lead solders, 60/40, eutectic, indium solder, lead-free, and handle mesh sizes from 2 to 4 mesh. Common packaging methods include tubes and jars, in sizes ranging from 300g to 900g.

As with our fluxes, our solders were developed internally and customized for their specific applications.  This is done using a variety of solvents, activators, rosins, and powders, dependent on the requirements of the process in which they are being used.

All materials generated are tested for appropriate parameters before shipping including viscosity, hot slump, solder balling, percent solids, lead content, etc. We utilize both industry standard testing methods, such as IPC tests, or internal testing methods developed to be more sensitive than IPC tests.  Certification of analysis on each batch is also frequently performed for our customers.

Let us develop the correct blend for your specific processing and product requirements.  Contact us today.

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