Error Prevention and Detection Systems

Kokomo Electronic Assembly leads the way in designing, installing, and maintaining systems that provide real-time performance feedback. Our sophisticated systems log, monitor, and track raw materials and products throughout our entire value stream, and allow us to calculate real-time takt and first time quality figures.

Kokomo Electronic Assembly offers the following quality systems:

Factory Information System (FIS)

FIS is an electronic database that records manufacturing events. Specifically, FIS performs the following:

  • Electronically logs production events (unit history, administrative events).
  • Verifies prior process completion.
  • Records real-time FTQ data utilizing Real-Time Quality System (RTQS): A subsystem of FIS, RTQS provides FTQ analysis on a revolving, 24-hour basis. RTQS summarizes by department and product the previous day’s production metrics (takt, yield loss).
  • Provides historical FTQ, defect pareto, and performance data reports.

Factory Verification System (FVS)

FVS is an electronic database that records manufacturing and inventory events. Continuously monitoring dock inventory and plant floor material consumption, FVS performs the following:

  • Monitors material consumption (e.g., component reels).
  • Verifies component reel splicing or loading (i.e., correct part number loaded, previous reel verified).
  • Verifies and records raw materials while loading onto equipment (e.g., flux, solder paste, components).
  • Verifies correct tooling while loading onto equipment (e.g., stencil).
  • Verifies off-line fixtures while loading onto equipment.
  • Monitors and verifies correct oven reflow profile is loaded.
  • Interrupts line production upon error and maintains until one fixes error; and (8) verifies raw material shelf life and usage on the production floor.

Material Tracking System (MTS)

MTS is an electronic database that monitors product inventory and environmental sensitivity:

  • Monitors and verifies moisture sensitive component exposure (per IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020C)
  • Updates component inventory for factory material logistics and control
  • Verifies material or component shelf life

Operational Efficiency (OE) Database

The OE database stores operator information from production status board (PSB) sheets. Operators complete PSB sheets hourly, documenting details pertaining to takt attainment and sources of variation.

Resource Tracking (RTC)

Electronically pulls status updates from production tools to provide monitoring and tracking of Mean Time To Failure (MTTF), Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and pareto analysis of downtime issues.

Maximo Maintenance Database

Maximo monitors and logs all maintenance activity, including preventive maintenance events and provides historical machine information.

Paperless Repair Database

Paperless Repair electronically records manual or semi-automatic repair events. In particular, Paperless Repair records data for reworked components.

Calibration and Metrology

Kokomo Electronic Assembly has contracted Sypris Test and Measurement (now part of Tektronix) to supply on-site electrical calibration and dimensional metrology services. On a periodic schedule, Sypris and manufacturing engineering ensure equipment calibration is up-to-date and within specification.

Kokomo Electronic Assembly has multiple options for ensuring that lean manufacturing processes are followed. We’re proud to offer turnkey business solutions that comply with our strict lean manufacturing guidelines.

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