Assembly Solutions

Kokomo Electronic Assembly operates eighteen, inline surface mount lines that mount components to both laminate and Thick Film ceramic-based products. In support of our quality objectives, each surface mount (SMT) line incorporates Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), optical magnification, Factory Information System (FIS), Factory Verification System (FVS), Material Tracking System (MTS), reject mark recognition, and Statistical Process Control (SPC) data collection. Our processes are controlled by a documented ISO/TS16949 certified process, known as Configuration Management (CM).

Kokomo Electronic Assembly utilizes an extensive variety of reconfigurable, lean production cells. Our Precision Machining and Tooling Center gives us the advantage of quickly reconfiguring assembly cells by producing and changing end effectors and fixtures within hours.  Our wide-ranging, flexible equipment set gives Kokomo Electronic Assembly the ability to produce many different types of products currently ranging from simple sensors to high-voltage power electronics modules.

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