Advanced Testing

Kokomo Electronic Assembly utilizes advanced testing techniques and procedures to ensure that every product meets your specification before leaving our facility. Our testing processes expose the product to a myriad of environmental test conditions and test parameters. Kokomo Electronic Assembly can economically flash programmable devices and avoid long programming cycles prior to in-circuit or functional tests.  All testers are integrated with FIS (refer to “Error Prevention and Detection Systems”).

While our common focus is on production quality, we also offer the following services on a project basis:

Test Fixture designed in our Precision Machining and Tooling Center


  • Turnkey business solutions and test-fixture design (in collaboration with our internal Precision Machining and Tooling Center)
  • Software and test design
  • Product analysis
  • SPC analysis
  • New product introduction and debug
  • Design maintenance

While utilizing factory-wide information systems to record unit history, verify prior-process completion, and monitor operational performance (refer to “Error Prevention and Detection Systems”), Kokomo Electronic Assembly provides the following test capabilities:

  • Multiple temperature testing
  • Electrical burn-in
  • Circuit board power up testing
  • Single or dual sided boards
  • Multiple boards per fixture
  • Memory programming
  • Standard or 2D barcode tracking
  • Data Collection

Kokomo Electronic Assembly offers the following test services:

In-Circuit Test
In-circuit testing allows Kokomo Electronic Assembly to precisely and efficiently verify component presence and value.

  • Agilent 3070 platform

Manufacturing Defects Analyzer (MDA) Test
MDA testing allows for cost-effective, faster-to-prototype testing at an in-circuit level.

  • Checksum

Transparent To Test  (TTT)
In cases where electrical tests will not catch a missing component, Kokomo Electronic Assembly employs TTT. Either by 2D/3D optical image acquisition or laser presence/absence check, TTT verifies component placement, location, polarity, and fillet presence.

  • Agilent SJ-50
  • Agilent SJ-5000
  • MVP Ultra 18-20 2D inspection
  • Cimple Cell

Functional Test
This process functionally tests units at either ambient or elevated temperature (e.g., 125o Celsius).

  • National Instruments PXI with TestStand
  • Bare board to fully assembled products

Leak Test
Ranging from small leak to hermetically-sealed specifications, Kokomo Electronic Assembly utilizes a variety of pressure-decay testers to verify product performance. For example, Kokomo Electronic Assembly verifies hermitic seal on an air bag sensing and diagnostic module.

  • MTD/Cincinnati
  • CTS Sentinel™ M-24 Multi-Station Leak Test Instrument
  • Cosmo LS-1841N


Product Conditioning
Kokomo Electronic Assembly employs product conditioning to exercise products and stress defective components to failure.


Final Programming and Product Labeling
Final programming loads end-user code or digitally alters programmable bits. In the case of flash and EEPROM products, final programming also applies and verifies product labeling. Otherwise, Kokomo Electronic Assembly utilizes dedicated testers to verify customer specification and apply a product label (refer to “Final Functional Test and Product Labeling”).

  • Digital programming station
  • UPS (Universal Programming Station) and label station

Final Functional Test and Product Labeling
Final functional test verifies customer specification. In the case of non flash and EEPROM products, final functional test applies and verifies the product label.

  • Final Tester with labeler
  • National Instruments PXI with TestStand

Shipping Container Pack and Labeling
Kokomo Electronic Assembly 100% electronically verifies shipping packages and labels (refer to “Error Prevention and Detection Systems”). Specifically, the container pack system verifies the operator has loaded the correct product type and amount. Once a container is full, the pack system generates a label, verifies the operator has successfully placed that label, and electronically logs the event.

  • MTD Pack Station

Auxiliary Hardware
6-piece electrical SPC monitor

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