Electronic Assembly

Kokomo Electronic Assembly of GM Components Holdings, LLC, offers a comprehensive range of electronic manufacturing services.  Developed to exceed the rigorous quality and reliability standards of the automotive industry, our manufacturing processes, procedures and systems have been designed to achieve the highest levels of reliability and quality for prototypes to high volume production.  Backed by a global GM Purchasing Network and Supply Chain Management Team, our staff of experienced professionals excel at providing customers with highly reliable products and a premium customer experience.

In addition to being a turnkey electronic manufacturing services provider, the organization operates a GMCH Kokomo Tooling Center that can model, fabricate and produce almost any type of part or machine that a customer could imagine with extremely quick turnaround time.

After serving the automotive industry since 1936, Kokomo Electronic Assembly is pleased to offer its world-class electronic manufacturing services to customers within any market segment or industry requiring high-reliability and high-performance at a competitive cost

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